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Share-the-Love for March 2017

“It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” ~ Saint Teresa of Calcutta

As our way of saying "good job" to the students of Mrs. Gina Labrador at Lahug Elementary School - SPED Center, the donations given by Ms. Car Lumanta, Ms. Edith Yap, and Mr. Aaron Cisneros were distributed to them. Some items were also given to their mothers. We wish them a happy summer. A big thank you to our donors!

Photo Credits: Margie Librero 

We are so proud of Niño for adjusting well in the general classroom. We have known him since he was four years old. He started in a SPED preschool, then transferred to Lahug Elementary School SPED Center then for Grade 4, he was enrolled at Upper Kalunasan Elementary School, Cebu City. Wherever he goes, we follow. :-)

His mother has relayed to us that his teacher has mentioned the need of a new electric fan. Although summer vacation is a few days away, the heat has become unbearable. They aslo still need to take their final exams. We were more than willing to grant this request.

Teacher Ella Pobadora and Niño's classmates were so sweet in expressing their gratitude. They made thank you cards and it was more than enough to melt our hearts. You are most welcome dear kids!

Photo Credits: Margie Librero

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