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Planting Kindess

"He who plants kindness gathers love." ~ Saint Basil

Last September 2017, we happily obliged to the request of Ma’am Tereline Bihag of Langub Elementary School (Kinatarcan Island, Sta. Fe, Cebu) to support her project of starting a vegetable garden in their school.

Photo Credits: T. Bihag 

Four months after, it’s harvest AND feeding time! The students not only had a delicious and nutritious meal lovingly prepared by Ma’am Tereline, but they also learned valuable lessons from this very practical project. We will continue to fund this project and we look forward to the expansion of the vegetable garden.

Photo Credits: T. Bihag 

Before we end this post, we would like to greet one of our most generous supporters --- Father Rickey Valleroy of St. Joseph Catholic Church (Farmington, MO).

“Happy 25th Year Anniversary to you, Fr. Rickey. Thank you for your dedication as a priest and thank you for including us in your outreach projects since December 2013. Although we’re miles apart, we truly feel your kindness. Daghang Salamat!”

To God be the Glory!

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