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Project Sunshine Update #1: Daanbantayan

The nutrition drive for 200 children in Brgy. Libertad, Daanbantayan, Cebu, was a success. Ms. Ma. Argin Yongco, our contact person and a public schoolteacher, happily informed us, "Humana panghatag... Lipay gyud kaayo ang mga bata diri." At the end of the day, making the children smile is all that matters.

Thank you Project Sunshine Team! Thank you Volunteer Group 2. Well done!

Crismarie, Boy, and Dan Suganob
Randell Ivan A.Cañete
Gian Lucero
Mervin Galagnra
Dominic Cabasa
Rhonpete Belgida

Photo Credits: Randell Ivan A. Cañete
Permission given by Ms. Ma. Argin Yongco to post the pictures.

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