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BRIGHT START Children's Special Services, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization which aims to help children with disabilities from underprivileged families in Cebu City, Philippines.

To provide specialized intervention services and support to low income families who may need assistance in caring for a child with disabilities.

To support existing public and private institutions or organizations such as health centers, child day care centers, SPED centers, elementary schools, and orphanages in promoting healthy child development thru the provision of essential resources such as books, developmentally-appropriate toys, and school supplies.

Board of Directors 
Girlie G. Baylon 
May C. Guangko 
Leah Mae D. Epistola 
Azele A. Reeves 
Maria Dahlia D. Saavedra 

Christine L. Buenaventura 
Ruth V. Catingan 
Sherille O. Peggy 
Marge L. Serafin
Date of Registration: October 29, 2009
Registration No. CN200931402
2017 Mayor's Permit

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